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Seawater Lift and Firewater Pumps for FPSO and Platforms

The submersible motor-driven pumps can be offered for cooling water, utility water, water injection, jockey pumps and for firefighting application on offshore platforms. Fire water pumps will be offered mostly as vertical turbine type with motor or engine drive or hydraulic drive.

Advantages of Submersible Motor-driven Seawater Pumps over Line Shaft Units

  • Weight: the total weight of a submersible pump is significantly less
  • Space: the footprint and vertical space is considerably smaller
  • Noise: the submersible pump generates minimum noise
  • Vibration: a submersible installation negates structural installation concerns
  • Utilities: only requires electrical power or hydraulic connection
  • Area classification: the fluid filled motor is installed in an intrinsically safe environment
  • Cost and ease of installation: the submersible is straightforward to install