Leaders In Packaged Pump Systems

Specialists in the supply of fire pump packages

Suppliers of a range of water pumps

We are leaders in the supply of specialised and sophisticated fire pump packages complying with the FM/UL NFPA-20 requirements, as well as all hazardous area classification and EEMUA specifications.

As package designers of a wide variety of water and building pumps, centrifugal and reciprocating types for the oil and gas industry, we specialize in pumps complying with all API, ANSI, ISO and other standards.

Our services include the supply of vertical, horizontal and reciprocating pumps to the mining, oil and gas, building and general industries. We are also experienced and accredited repairers, installers and support service providers for all your pump equipment requirements.

All our pump systems are designed by our own engineers and adapted to your specific requirements. We stock a huge selection of pumps from our complete and extensive pump program. We supply these together with the drivers (electric, diesel or hydraulic), control panels, instrumentation, tanks, valves, piping and fittings.

Additional products

  • Fire pumps
  • Offshore pumps
  • Fire water pumps
  • Agricultural pumps
  • Water pumps
  • Building pumps, mining pumps
  • Irrigation pumps
  • Sea water lift pumps
  • Utility water pumps
  • Peerless, oil & gas, mining
  • Water supply pumps
  • Flood control pumps

Quality is a fundamental aspect of Peerless Australia’s philosophy and our entire production process, including any subcontracted works, are all strictly monitored according to ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Why Opt for the Peerless Pump Package*?

  • ISO certified facility
  • Third party certification
  • Certified welders , Certified electricians
  • Certified installation
  • NFPA 20 – NEMA and FM/UL compliance
  • AutoCad design systems
  • Testing facility
  • Total turnkey responsibility from design to commissioning at site and warranty for the whole package


  • ISO 9000 Certified Fabrication Facility
  • ISO 9000 certified Manufacturing Facility
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) label if required
  • State of the Art Engineering Designs
  • NFPA-70 and NEC ABS Certification
  • Worldwide Technical Support
  • Third party certification by International surveyors including BV, DNV, Lloyds, SGS etc.

ABS Certified for Offshore Fire Pump Systems

  • Peerless can design an offshore fire pump system with ABS/DNV or other certification for floating offshore facilities
  • These systems can also be built to Underwriters Laboratories standard for hazardous and non-hazardous area classifications

Unit responsibility

  • Complete unit responsibility
  • Complete engineering design services
  • All available components are either UL or FM
  • All components are from Peerless Australia or approved and internationally reputed sub vendors
  • Sub suppliers data coordination by Peerless Australia
  • No “finger pointing” over warranty issues

State-of-the-art engineering designs

  • Dedicated engineers specialised in pump packages and in-house designs
  • Provides all data like general arrangement drawings, detailed drawings, piping, instrumentation and electrical schematics
  • Ability to provide customized designs to meet the customers’ requirements and tailor make the packages
  • All plans and specifications of the client are reviewed by the fire pump packaging group in details and clarified before start of the works

Reduced unit installation costs due to complete self-contained packages

  • Reduces the overall installation time
  • Minimizes field labour
  • Minimizes the site mechanical and electrical wiring costs
  • Eliminates the need for trained personnel for mechanical and electrical work
  • Eliminates cost overrides due to incorrect installation

Factory testing

  • The fire pump diesel engine and controllers are tested by their respective factories
  • The piping and valving are hydrostatically tested to ensure piping integrity
  • Electrical and pneumatic tests are performed to verify the function of each component.
  • By taking the system approach to a pump package design, important safety features are integrated into the system
  • Performance Testing
  • Functional Testing of the package
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • String Test
  • Material tests like Mag Testing and all types of Non Destructive Testing

Value-added services

  • Single source procurement for the complete fire pump system – one purchase order
  • Single point contact
  • One schedule for the complete fire pump system
  • Worldwide technical and field installation support

More savings

  • Reduces overall installation time
  • Minimizes site electrical wiring costs
  • Minimizes expensive field labor costs
  • Eliminates costs due to incorrect installation
  • Eliminates the need for trained electrical and mechanical installation experts

* Based on requirements outlined features may vary; please check if in doubt


Pump Systems for Offshore Platforms, FPSOS and SUBSEA Installations

Peerless Australia (PAL) is a leading supplier of pump packages and systems to the oil and gas industry, delivering products to offshore platforms, FPSOs and sub-sea installations since 1991. PAL supplies complete systems with pumps powered by motors, engines, turbines or hydraulic motors surface mounted or submerged.

Sound enclosures can be supplied to meet any sound level required by the client. Control systems for fire pumps as per to NFPA 20, FM and UL and Australian and UK  Standards or based on the authority of jurisdiction requirement either electric, electronic or pneumatic with multiple functions.  All accessories as per NFPA 20 requirement like Fuel tanks,  pressure relief and air release valves in all special materials ,exhaust gas coolers, cooling harness , radiators, explosion proof accessories, flame arrestors, flame proof equipment, flame arresting type mufflers and components complying with EEMUA and C1 D2 etc., can be supplied.

Submersible Pumps

When you consider a Seawater Lift (SWL) Pump, Firewater Pump (FWP) or subsea motor unit from Peerless Australia you are benefiting from highly engineered designs. A true understanding of the industry, born out of applications knowledge and long service in the oil and gas industry, makes PAL the submersible and sub-sea motor and pump partner for you.

Units are available in a range of materials, including: Duplex and  Super Duplex Stainless Steel, Duplex, Nickel Aluminium Bronze (NiAlBrz), 316 SS, 316L SS , Ni-resist, Zincless Bronze etc. and any other castable materials.

Seawater Lift and Firewater Pumps for FPSO and Platforms

The submersible motor-driven pumps can be offered for cooling water, utility water, water injection, jockey pumps and for firefighting application on offshore platforms. Fire water pumps will be offered mostly as vertical turbine type with motor or engine drive or hydraulic drive.

Advantages of Submersible Motor-driven Seawater Pumps over Line Shaft Units

  • Weight: the total weight of a submersible pump is significantly less
  • Space: the footprint and vertical space is considerably smaller
  • Noise: the submersible pump generates minimum noise
  • Vibration: a submersible installation negates structural installation concerns
  • Utilities: only requires electrical power or hydraulic connection
  • Area classification: the fluid filled motor is installed in an intrinsically safe environment
  • Cost and ease of installation: the submersible is straightforward to install

Vertical Pumps

Information coming soon.

Horizontal Pumps

Information coming soon.

Reciprocating / Positive Displacement Pumps

Information coming soon.